Pie :)

My double Thanksgiving dinner dilemma went alright yesterday. I ate at mom’s house and after we finished eating, I was able to escape the yelling and violence that my cousins brought along with them. Not a pie to pitch in to the dinner, or the turkey my aunt was supposed to bring. Instead, they only brought their trouble and themselves.

Anyway, I got away from it all by running to my boyfriend’s dad’s house. It was awkward to sit and wait ’til everyone finished, watching football (I don’t like watching football), and only eat some pie from the entire meal. It was nice, though, hearing the small children babble nonstop, their mother telling them to stop doing this and that, and eating two types of pie.

I love pie 🙂

Now I’m off to eat this last piece of pumpkin pie with extra whip cream and then get ready for a holiday weekend at my boyfriend’s dad’s house.

BTW: No black friday shopping for this girl 😉