Boyfriend Venting Session O:<

Here's my "fiancé."

Here’s my “fiancé.”


Okay, so, I could really use some help from some older ladies here… My mom has never really been here for me, especially when it came to girly things. For instance, she never taught me how to shave, use a tampon (or anything, really), and I’ve never even had “the talk.” Just talking to her about my boyfriend makes me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of problems with him lately. He’s got some really tough issues going on lately, but all my lady friends I vent to tell me it’s no excuse to be treating me so coldly. Guess what else. I made Boo read some of his replies to some of my texts, discombobulated from my tear-blurred vision, the other night and he said he didn’t sound cold, but hostile. He didn’t try to sound cold or hostile but you would think that he would change after that. Nope! Yeah, he has a reason to be crying his eyes out nonstop for the next month, but that doesn’t mean he can treat me like shit.

We’ve been together for 8 1/2 months now and we have never been alone with each other. I don’t mind hanging out with his friends because they’re my friends, too, but it’s like, really? Sure, you’ve had a bad relationship for two years. 1.) it’s been over a year since that breakup. 2.) I am not your ex. 3.) I’ve been hurt before, you’re not the only one.

It took me a little over 6 months to get him to to start holding my hand in public.

You know what he got me for my birthday? Nothing (all he’s ever gotten me was a pink teddy that he won for $1 at a carnival game). You know what I asked for? Him to pay attention to me and only me for a whole day. I don’t see that gift coming in anytime soon. At my birthday party, which was just a small cookout in the Bald Eagle State Park, he took off with his friend in the woods while I was stuck with my mom and little sister because I was too sick to go hiking. When I tried to call him back to tell him the food was done, he just waved me off. Seriously?

He knows that all I’ve wanted from him was to know that he cares. To show it somehow because he can be more fake than a real life Barbie and doesn’t mean what he says. Also, he always plays the victim. I’ve literally begged him just last night to care about me. I took all his stuff that I had in my room and shoved behind all my hoodies. Even the empty picture frames that he said he would take pictures with me just so I could fill them in.

I’m far too aggravated and impatient right now to keep blogging… I just want to sleep. But stay tuned ’cause I’m pretty sure there’ll be more boyfriend vents.


Goodbye my almost lover?